Medical Scribe by AHDPG

This is an exclusive Accelerated Program developed in partnership with the American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group (AHDPG).

  • 80 total hours of study
  • 32 self-paced, online modules
  • 1 voucher for medical scribe exam

Course Overview

This program is a new, exclusive offering developed in partnership with the AHDPG—one of the nation’s leaders in healthcare documentation services, training, and certification. It’s a personalized approach to career training designed to help Learners get more of the information they need based on the knowledge they already have.

Our program is personalized to an exceptional degree. With a pre-course evaluation, we’ll determine your strengths, pinpoint areas of opportunity, and tailor the program to target those specific topics.

  • 80 Study Hours
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Online Access

What You'll Learn:

Intro to Medical Scribe

Know your way around the program and gain an understanding of the industry.

Medical Terminology & Anatomy

Learn basic human anatomy and pharmacology, recognize common jargon and abbreviations, and interpret medical instructions.

EHR Guidelines

We’ll explain the importance of clinical standards in the development of interoperable electronic health records.


  • Medical Scribe Certification Exam (MSCE) This course prepares learners to take the MSCE from the American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group (AHDPG).


  • Introduction to Medical Terminology
  • Body Systems
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes
  • Diagnostics & Abbreviations
  • Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
  • Cells, Tissues, and Systems
  • Skeletal & Muscle Systems
  • Integumentary Systems
  • Nervous Systems
  • Special Senses & Endocrine Systems
  • Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems
  • Lymphatic & Immune Systems
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Urinary System
  • Reproductive System
  • Pharmacology
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Becoming a Medical Scribe (Foundations)
  • HIPAA for Medical Scribes
  • Medical Language and the Patient
  • Review of Systems (ROS)
  • Fundamentals of Patient Visit
  • Medical Decision Making
  • Scribe Documentation
  • Chart Guidelines for Reimbursement (ICD-10)
  • Basic Medication Review
  • Common Lab & Diagnostic Studies
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Charting - Case Studies (Hands-on activities)
  • Final Exam

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